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Bruno is our team’s graphic designer. Responsible for the visual identity TraKKs has on all online communications. He also contributes to the images on our newsletter and boosts our articles with images on our outlet store.

Having come back to sport 4 years ago, principally for getting his physical condition back. You need to admit, being in front of a computer for 8 hours a day is not the best for one’s form.

Today his trainings are part of life. No matter the weather, he always finds a way to get his exercise in. A bench or playground for push-ups and pull-ups. Isn’t sport one of the best ways to accord someone precious me-time? Street workouts, squash, swimming and running are his favorite sports.

His greatest memory? Running around Central Park. 8km of pure happiness. The impression of being a New Yorker for just a few minutes. Pretending his was in a bunch of different movies.



  • 20 km de Bruxelles
  • Strong Viking Mud Edition
  • Strong Viking Water Edition
  • Brussels Night Run


  • Eco trail de woluwe : 25 km


  • Maasmarathon : 42,195 km


  • 10 km d'Uccle