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Fabian’s life has always been marked by sport, whether individual or collective, to such an extent that this passionate young man decided to make it his career.

He started off with tennis and hockey from the age of 5.  Having developed his full potential in these two sports, in the 2000’s hockey took him into the national team (the under-18’s and the under-21’s) for four years.

With a natural determination and motivation, he joined the Men’s Honour Division, the highest level of Belgian competition, while juggling his university studies at the Polytechnique.  

He remained in this Division for twelve years until his role as a father required him to slightly reduce the time he invested in sport.  Since then he has been playing in the Men’s First Division.

Fabian has always used running as a physical preparation but also to keep in shape during the summer breaks and to continue using his capacities to the utmost. Even during moments of relaxation or on holiday, he always takes his running shoes with him and makes the most of the opportunity to run in the heart of the most beautiful landscapes.

Fabian also regularly plays tennis, squash and he skis too.  He had already embarked on a career corresponding to his passion, as he worked in a sports shop in Uccle for seven years before joining the TraKKs team.  

His experience, knowledge and passion will be valuable assets to enable him to offer you optimum advice.