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Ever since his younger years, Jean-Philippe has always loved sport, especially cycling and mountain biking. Throughout his practice, he was naturally directed towards competition cycling for which he participated at for four seasons, first at the U23 levels before taking part in the elite competition.

After a heavy fall, he took a few months off. However, the need for new challenges and ambitions in sport turned his attention towards running and he was quickly a convert.

Particularly loving long strolls in nature, his preference was directed towards trail running. A sport in which fair play and helping other are oh-so-present. But he also loves road running, like half marathons. His first races on the road were the 20km of Brussels and then the Brussels Marathon. He rekindled his passion for cycling and long repetitive hard effort trainings.

One of his big objectives when he is face to face with a client is to answer to a maximum of their questions and their needs. His enthusiasm, motivation and curiosity give him a need to share his passion and experience