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Since always, Sophie had a primary need to escape, spend herself, surpass her limits, and let go while playing different sports where she was able to learn each sport’s different values.

Until the day where field hockey became her preferred sport.

It was at Uccle sport where she exercised her passion with determination for multiple years.

Taking to the podiums many-a-times.

It is in this intense team sport that she found the adrenaline she needed.

Being captain for multiple years she was able to assemble the two things she loved, to motivate and to perform.

Team spirit being a fundamental part of this sport.

She has always used her mental strength learned during her sport career in her professional life.

Needing constantly to live a rhythmic life, she also regularly did other sports such as biking, Padel, Tennis, Running, general fitness, hiking and sometimes crazy challenges like skydiving.

Her other passion is for travelling and nature which have given her opportunities to recharge her batteries in mystical places and to do incredible hikes exploring incredible sceneries.

Professionally, after 20 years of experience in sport, she chose to direct herself towards other environments that are rich and instructive.

The opportunity to join the dynamic and enthusiastic TraKKs team came as an absolute evidence to her.

Experience :

  • Belgian Championships
  • Nationales and international competitions
  • European & other cups
  • Currently in the D.H Junior Ladies

Other :

  • Multiple races, including many 10km of Uccle
  • Color Run
  • 10km Brussels by Night