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The 20 km of Brussels with the VIP TrakKs Pack

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26 MAY 2024 - 44th edition of the Brussels 20km

Join us on 26 May as we run the not-to-be-missed 20km of Brussels.

Open to all levels - In partnership with Belgium Running

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Have you already run the Brussels 20 km or is it your first time?

Whether you want to perform or just make it to the finish line, we promise you a 100% running atmosphere. Thanks to the VIP pack, you'll have all the comforts you need before and after the race.

It's an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

5 good reasons to take advantage of the VIP Pack - 70 euros :  

  • Enjoy a great atmosphere with other passionate runners
  • Benefit from all the comforts on race day (changing room, toilets, snacks and drinks)
  • An insured race number from mid-February
  • Motivation and collective encouragement
  • Receive a technical collector's t-shirt as a gift



Are you looking for a challenge for your colleagues or an unforgettable teambuilding event?

It can't be said often enough that running is an individual sport that can be shared. It's always a positive way to unite colleagues, to plan short training outings together, and to motivate and guide the more novice runners.

Beyond the Brussels 20km event, having a common goal has a real teambuilding effect from the day you sign up to the day of the event. 

Would you like to join us on your own, with colleagues, friends or family? 


2- For your BIB number > REGISTRATION THROUGH THIS LINK - Last registration on Monday 29 April.

For your registration to be validated, payment for the day must be made SIMULTANEOUSLY to the following account.

TraKKs sprl - IBAN : BE15 7360 1284 9130 - BIC : KREDBEBB
Communication :PACKVIP20KM2024 + Name

In the event of withdrawal, no reimbursement will be made after 29 April.