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Our philosophy

Minimalist running

Running, yes... But in a natural way. As simply as possible, focusing on the essential: the breath, breathing, the heart rate, which become our metronomes.
The contemplation of our environment enables us to give the best of ourselves. Running gives us the opportunity to encounter what is within ourselves.
Of course, this transition cannot take place from one day to the next. It requires mental preparation. This is a task that depends on you.  However, you can count on trakks to offer advice, coaches and a full range of shoes for the transition from a lower drop to minimalism.

Our values

Running, walking,... Pushing back the frontiers to advance towards a world of freedom, without limit


Our passion is our fuel, which drives us to do better. Each of us enters into a sport and professional adventure with passion.


Dialogue and exchange are essential to share these passions that drive us. Meet new people to exchange and create a common experience.


We listen patiently and without being judgemental, so we can fully meet everyone’s needs while focusing on the essential points.

Our expertise

Running - Trail - Outdoor

We are convinced that appropriate materials and equipment will really support your efforts. Each element is a valuable asset to enable you to better adapt to the environment, weather conditions and your running profile.
This is why we select the most comprehensive ranges among the most successful brands.
As specialists, our consultants have the in-depth product knowledge and experience to guide you to the right equipment for your needs.

Complete your material by visiting our electronic, bookshop and nutrition departments


long-distance and ultra- distance running

The ultimate goal for every purist runner remains without a doubt to run the mythical 42.195 km of a marathon.
It is certainly the sport that offers a feeling of total freedom: you can run where you want, when you want, alone or in a group. Everyone is free to choose his/her distance and his/her improvement goals.
Practised in town, or in green areas, running is practised mainly on asphalt.


upwards - downwards - technical trails

A french diminutive of trail running, trail is also known as nature race.
The most important feature of this discipline is its closeness to nature.

Three elements come together to form a trail: 

Distance: can go from a few km to the distance of a marathon. Beyond that, we talk about ultra-trail.

Elevation: the sum of all the ascents that enables one to reach the total positive altitude, usually called the d +) 

The technicality of the roads: natural environment (mud, rocks, fords, grasses...), asphalt is almost non-existent.


hiking and Nordic walking

An activity that takes place outdoors on paths that may or may not be marked out.
Different distances can make hiking either a simple walk or a real experience in a long walking trail.
Very often, when hiking, the ultimate goal is not to exceed one’s limit or performance but rather a 
More intellectual-spiritual effort or even a way to recharge one’s batteries by discovering beautiful 
The more sporty people are turning to nordic walking :
Fitness walking with poles that strengthen the muscles of the entire body as well as the 
Cardiovascular system.