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Why do a Trakks Lab

Personalised expertise to enable you to achieve harmony between your running technique and your stride. The TraKKs Lab is a real innovative analysis, which widens the scope of the scanning: covering the lower body, from your hips to your feet

Understanding why to do a Trakks Lab

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Video recording of your stride

A rear camera analyses your stride when the foot is laid down and when it is lifted to your hips, while a side camera, focused on the foot when it is laid on the ground, analyses your stride from the top of the knee.


Analysis and freeze frame

Production of a free sequential study of your stride analysed on the computer: a freeze frame at each stage of the evolution of your stride. Our specialists will explain and recommend the shoe that will create harmony in your running (stride and shoes)


Technical advice from our experts

Our specialists will advise you how to modify your running technique. We are at your disposal and we will do our best to meet your requests.

Have a free stride diagnosis done in-store

A 15 to 25 minute analysis of your stride for better posture and the correct shoes.

Make an appointment in one of our stores: