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Sharing is one of the values of the team.

A team that includes you too and without which TraKKs would not be what it is today.
During some key events of the running season, we set up on-site teams open to everyone, no matter their level. To share with you all the values that we hold dear. Because we are "More than stores".

TraKKs Elite Team

A brand in full swing such as Trakks also has to support high-level enthusiasts. The Trakks elite team brings together seventy or so runners from the whole of belgium and with diverse backgrounds. Its wealth lies in bringing together both trailers and roadrunners, who regularly make the podium, but who are above all ambassadors of our core value: sharing. 
Motivation, attitude, passion are other selection criteria, as are desire, mentality and pugnacity. Contact and sharing are also important to us, particularly via social networks.