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Since Alexandra is married to Christophe, it’s no wonder that she also caught the running bug…

She is an interior designer and has carried out many projects for stores and residential sites.

It is of course thanks to her that we owe the very special identity of the TraKKs stores. 

From the very beginning, she designed these stores with the aim of achieving modernity, light and conviviality.  People feel good at TraKKs, and our customers tell us so.

A TraKKs store is a space where people can share their experiences and where the products are highlighted in original displays corresponding to the TraKKs identity.

In this great adventure, Alexandra is the very precious right-hand woman of Christophe.  Together they manage the back office, the important orders as well as the many administrative tasks. 

She is also often to be found in the stores where the customers greatly appreciate her sound advice about clothing.  

Since the creation of TraKKs, Alexandra has gone from not knowing how to run to running marathons. Her motivation and desire to run came from cheering Christophe on at his various races...

It all started with a first lap of the Bois de la Cambre lake (Brussels) with a friend and ended with the Namur half-marathon.

She also did a number of trail runs, the most famous of which was the 50 km in Italy.

Today, she prefers to be gentler on her body and does Nordic walking in a group twice a week. It's an all-round discipline that fits in perfectly with her life as an active woman.


  • 2015 : 
  • 20km de Bruxelles
  • Transgrandcanaria - 20km


  • 2016 : 
  • Transvulcania - 21km


  • 2017 : 
  • Primavera - 30km
  • 20 km de Bruxelles
  • Lavaredo - 20km


  • 2018 :
  • HADT à Bomal : 25KM
  • MIUT – Madeira Ultra Trail : 42Km – 1750D+
  • Cortina Trail : Lavaredo : 47.5Km – 2600D+
  • UTCT : Ultra Trail de Cape Town : 35km – 2000D+


  • 2019
  • Marthon de Namur
  • Capadocia Short Trail 38KM – 1200D+