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Immersed in sport from a very young age, he played tennis, basketball and skied at different competitive levels (from regional to international) up to the age of 16.

However, being keen on extreme sports, he gradually gave up these disciplines in favour of Thaï Boxing and Freeriding Snowboard, because what he is mainly looking for in sport is the rush of adrenaline. 

As the element common to each of these disciplines is, of course, excellent physical condition, running has always been a part of his physical preparation, at different levels of intensity. 

After a serious motorcycle accident, which put an abrupt end to his budding career as a boxer, and following several months of rehabilitation, running eventually found a place again in his sporting schedule. 

Today it is natural for him to continue to grow professionally in the field of sport, having previously worked for brands such as Nike and Speedo as a Visual Merchandiser.  He will therefore be delighted to advise you in our TraKKs Schuman store in Etterbeek.


  • 2017 : 
  • XL 10miles
  • Trail de Bruxelles 13km
  • La Chouffe Trail 17km
  • 10.30km de Schaerbeek


  • 2018 : 
  • Trail de l'eau noir 35km
  • OHM Trail 23km
  • Trail des Cisterciens 23km
  • 12km d'Anderlecht