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In love with sport since she can remember, Elodie was a fin-swimmer, sailor and diver back in the day. Outdoor sports have always attracted her and she began running on roads and trails after putting an end to her fin-swimming competitive days.

Having a lot of energy to give, she has always loved moving around and going beyond herself.

In trail running, she has the perfect activity that links her passion for nature, surpassing her limits and intense physical efforts.

Elodie loves discovering new things in performance and putting objectives that get her out o her comfort zone, both sports-wise as professionally, which is what she we wanted to join the TraKKs team after a brief career as an architect.

Sports background:



  • Bouillonnante: 29km
  • Juracime: 78 km stage race
  • Triathlon de l’eau d’heure: promo
  • Trail d’orval: 42km
  • Trail des hautes fagnes: 24km
  • Trail des vieux moulins: 25km
  • Aymon trail 33 km



  • European Junior Championships : 100/200/400m