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Coming from a sports orientated family, Pauline has lived with sport since birth. Passioned by all sports, she has also tried her traits in basketball, volleyball and horse-back riding before starting to run in 2011. Filled with energy, she is used to doing mid-distance running and has directed herself towards triathlon.

A St. Malo, Brittany native, she has ran over many trails and hiking paths before moving to Brussels for her studies in pedology.

It is of the utmost importance for Pauline to link her love of sport with her profession. She splits her time today between working at the TraKKs store in Schuman and her own pedology practice in Hankar, Brussels. In love with her job, she is continuously trying to perfect her techniques with newest pedology techniques, for which she will be following a few weekend seminars to become a certified sports pedologist and posturologist.

Pauline welcomes challenges be they sportive or professional. She strives to resolve, in the most delicate of ways, clinical situations, all in daily challenging her intellectual resolve.

Her qualities are empathy and listening to people, her experience and her knowledge will be precious assets to help you in the best way possible.

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