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Wanting to « figure out a way to move around in nature more easily », a young Italian student by the name of Robert Fliri came up with a toe shoe that was developed and marketed by the VIBRAM brand in 2005. Judged non-compliant for the yachtsmen for whom they were intended, the Fivefingers became popular with minimalist runners who are trying to turn the spotlight on the foot by using it as naturally as our ancestors who would travel long distances without the slightest shoe or almost.

Human morphology has changed since then but this is not the case of our feet. Why should we wear shoes that are too closed and too protective? Do we wear gloves from morning to night to protect our hands? No. If that had been the case, we would have lost all our tactile senses.

Like barefoot or almost

Vibram came up with this foot glove made of a flat, supple sole with no cushioning or technology to control the foot. With the Fivefingers, you can regain the sensations of your arch, reactivate the muscles of your feet and feel your toes that are no longer stuck to each other as in a classic shoe.

There are models of Fivefingers for outdoors and indoors (Bikila Evo, KSO, KMD Sport ...), trail (Spyridon and Trek Ascent), everyday use (CVT-Hemp) and for water sports (Miaori). The philosophy remains the same for each of them apart from the type of lacing, the breathability and ... the sole adapted to the different terrains that your feet will have to encounter.

Patience is required to tame them

On the other hand, you will need a time of adaptation before Fivefingers really do…become one with your feet and give you pleasure in a sporting setting. Your foot muscles and your calves will work more, your stride will therefore logically change and it may take you several months before you regain the level of performance you had with a classic pair. If, on the other hand, you only want to regain plantar sensations, begin by walking barefoot at home as much as possible to "awaken" certain muscle groups.

In conclusion, the Fivefingers are very interesting, both for their design and their philosophy. However, we do not recommend them to everyone, but only to those who show a marked interest in minimalism in sports and to those who want to rediscover more natural walking sensations.



  • Type of foot: Pre-middle foot stride
  • Use: Training / Competition
  • Surface: Road / Trail / Indoor
  • Weight of the runner: all weights
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Drop: 0 mm
  • Insole: 3mm antibacterial polyurethane
  • Fabric: Breathable and resistant polyester

THE + 

  • Barefoot feeling but with the foot protected
  • More natural running, better stride, more complete muscle work
  • Versatile because they can be used on other terrains
  • Lightweight and supple
  • Quality sole for different types of terrain


  • Requires adaptation time that may be too long for some people.
  • Not suitable for all profiles (people with previous ankle injuries or suffering from certain foot pathologies)
  • Special Look
  • Difficult to put on the first time


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