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The poles come from a “sister” discipline, namely Nordic walking where rhythm is very important. Thus, the trailers began to use them on slight uphill stretches to maintain a steady rhythm with greater ease. But they have proved their usefulness especially in great differences in level.

In very steep uphill climbs, the poles improve and greatly balance the thrust since one passes from a biped to a quadruped mode. In downhill runs, they allow one to maintain balance, to feel reassured, and can be used as crutches in case of great fatigue or injury.

With the current craze for trail, the number of pole models has followed an upward curve as impressive as some ultra-trails. Camp, Raidlight and Komperdell are among the well-known brands, but we will focus on two best-sellers in the field, namely Black Diamond's Distance Carbon and LEKI's Micro Trail Pro.

Leki, the "Deutsche Qualität"

For the new version of its "Micro Trail Pro", Leki is playing the continuity card. These poles are slightly heavier than the Black Diamond, although their weight has been revised downwards (7 g less). They therefore appeal to a larger number of trailers whether they be light or medium-weight.

The German brand is always remarkable by the quality of its finish, which extends the life of its poles. The grips, still made from cork, are very comfortable and the Trigger Shark grip system makes it possible to get rid of the pole with one hand. This system makes it easier for you to use or remove your poles. If perfection does not exist, we would be tempted to use this term to qualify this product.

In conclusion, in both cases, it does not take very long to get used to the principle of folding and unfolding poles. Given their weight, you can either run with these unfolded in your hand, or folded without necessarily having to put them in your bag or hang them on your belt. As for the choice between wrist strap and the Trigger Shark grip, it is difficult to say. It will really be up to the user to test them in specialized stores and possibly on the terrain to find out what he/she prefers.


LEKI – Micro Trail Pro Specifications

  • Price : 149€
  • Weight per Pair : 386gr
  • Shaft Construction: Carbon
  • Segments : 3
  • Trigger Shark grip
  • Dimensions : 38cm collapsed length and 120cm maximum length
  • Quality
  • Finish
  • Aesthetic look
  • Solidity
  • Maybe its price, even if the high quality of the product justifies it.
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A black diamond for lightweight hikers

“Distance Carbon” has been in existence for three years but has recently been modified. The pole handle features foam extensions to ensure better grip and better sweat absorption. The double grip also allows the pole to be held lower down on very steep inclines. The wrist strap has been altered into a more ventilated and contoured strap that allows for a better grip, even if wearing fine gloves or mitts over long distances will reduce the risk of irritation on the hands.

This pole, which is the lightest on the market, does not lose any rigidity thanks to the support of an inner cable that can be adjusted. What you will gain in ease of folding / unfolding, you will lose in rigidity and vice versa. This is a choice to make based on your style and your goals.

The Distance Carbon is therefore an outstanding accessory for the light-to-medium weight (ultra-)trailers. They are sold with interchangeable plastic tips for hard terrains or titanium tips for soft terrains.

Black Diamond - Distance Carbon

Black Diamond - Distance Carbon Specifications

  • Price : 130€
  • Weight per Pair : 294 gr
  • Shaft Construction : Carbon
  • Segments : 3
  • Classic wrist strap
  • Dimensions : 40cm collapsed length and 120cm Maximum length
  • Weight (the lightest on the market)
  • Look and design
  • The foam grip that allows better handling
  • Good value for money
  • The wrist strap
  • Not suitable for heavier people
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