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Nature has always held an important place in the life of Stéphanie.

As a child, she loved walking along the paths of the Belgian and French Ardennes where her family is from.

This love for distant and atypical landscapes has often taken her to the four corners of the planet to discover new horizons, treading byways rich in encounters and emotions.

Walking and hiking free her from the daily routine, so bringing her stability and serenity.

Yoga, which she has practised for many years, plays a vital part in the constant search for balance that she takes care to preserve in her daily life.

A graduate in Public Relations, Stephanie demonstrates a rigorous sense of organisation and a clear interest in communication.

Married to an enthusiastic tennis instructor, Stéphanie discovered the world of tennis and shares this love for sport which has led her to make it her profession for more than fifteen years in the Uccle stores.  Stéphanie has notably held the position of manager for six years, highlighting her contact with others and her determination to carry out her projects to the end.

These personality traits and her experience make Stéphanie a person who is passionate, altruistic and organised. 

Surely qualities that are indispensable within a team?


La chouffe trail - 10km

Trail de Bruxelles - 6km